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Premium Square Nail Files - 100/180 Grit

Pro Impressions - Premium Square Nail Files - 100/180 Grit

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Pro Impressions 100/180 Grit Nail Files are double sided. One side is used for artificial nail filing/shaping & the other side for the preparation of the natural nail plate before any overlay application. A perfect all round nail file.

Available in a variety of different pack sizes.

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  • Pro Impressions 100/180 Grit Nail Files are double sided. Used for artificial nails & the preparation of the natural nail plate before any overlay application.

    An ideal file for every nail technician.

    Having a nail file which is reusable and easily sanitised is essential for any nail salon or nail technician, always remember to spray tools and nail files with Pro Impressions Sanitiser Spray before and after each use.

    The Basics

    Always file slow, in one direction, this avoids heat building up.


    What is grit?

    Mostly all files are coated with a material similar to sand paper; this creates a grainy like surface. Like sandpaper, nail files get graded according to how much grit they contain per square inch. The general rule is the lower the grit number, the coarser the file. While you might think it will be quicker to always use the coarsest file, this can be wrong. Each grit combination is carefully designed for use in a particular task. Choosing the wrong file could cause significant damage to the nail.


    What grit should I use?

    80 Grit – Extra Coarse

    The coarsest file used for removing acrylic, gel and fibreglass overlays.

    Do not use on natural nails.


    100 Grit - Coarse

    A coarse file that can only be safely used on artificial nails.


    180 Grit – Medium Coarse

    A file used in the preparation of the nail plate before acrylic and gel application. Also for shaping artificial nails.

    The only coarse file that can be used on natural nails if they are not brittle.


    240-600 Grit – Soft Grit

    This soft & fine grit is Ideal for finishing off artificial & natural nails e.g. buffing for a smooth finish or polishing away stains.

    Therefore this is an essential product where nails are concerned.

    Ideal for Salon use or even use at home!

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