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Mirror Chrome powder - Silver 1g

Pro Impressions - Mirror Chrome Powder - Silver - 1g


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Mirror Chrome Nails a fantastic new look to make you stand out from the crowd. Be inspired and let your imagination run wild.

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  • Application Instructions

    1) Apply a base colour - experiment with this as the base colour changes the chrome finish quite dramatically.

    2) Apply a no wipe top coat and cure

    3) Using a sponge eye shadow applicator, pick up only a tiny amount of chrome powder and rub onto the nails. The more you apply, the more shimmery the       nail will appear, the less you apply the more it will look like chrome.

    4) Ensure all loose chrome nail powder is removed before the next step by gently brushing with a make up brush and then using a dry nail wipe or rub with         a silcone rubber ended nail tool. This step is extremely important as any loose chrome powder will dragged up the nail with the next step, resulting in a         shimmery effect and not the chrome nail effect you were probably after.

    5) Seal with 2 coats of top coat (curing each layer separately) to prevent chipping.

    Each pot contains 1g of Mirror Chrome Powder

    Please Note

    Colours may vary due to print colours and computer screens not being 100% accurate

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Sue Docherty
Verified purchase

Chrome powder

It was my very 1st time I've used chrome, good product but watch how you open the container, I would buy again

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